The fascinating history of the purple color begins in the Phoenicisn mythology with its discovery by the god Herakles himself when one day his faithful dog bit a shell of a mollusc, the Murex, and its nose was quickly stained with this color. His companion, the beautiful nymph Tyrus, told Herakles that she only sleep with him if this was wearing a stained garment with that amazing color. Herakles agreed and thus emerged the famous Tyrus purple dye.

More than 250,000 mollusks were needed to produce just 28 grams of this color, so production was extremely costly, becoming more valuable than gold. In the Imperial Rome, only the great emperor was allowed to wear purple color, its exclusivity and connection to power were the reasons why the garments of kings and bishops have traditionally been purple.

Having as signs of identity a unique design, with its pervasive LUXURIOUS DASTON COVER, and its Spanish manufacture, undisputed quality seal, DASTON borns to play a very own role in the closet of the most sybarites.